Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roman Shades

We are still waiting to meet our baby.  I am a week away from my due date today!  I had myself thinking this baby would come early since Brady came 2 days before his due date and Clark came 2 weeks before his.  Well, I guess every pregnancy is different just as every baby is completely different.  I can't wait to meet this new baby and get to know his or her individual personality!  Every day for the past week I've been thinking, "maybe today is the day our baby will come", but nothing but braxston-hicks so far.  Trusting that God's timing is perfect!

I'm actually thankful our baby didn't come too early!  With moving in less than 2 months ago, I've had lots of unpacking, organizing, and projects I wanted to get done.  With not much energy and the need for lots of naps, I've been very slow at getting my "to do" list done.  I still have lots of projects I'd love to do, but I got the most pressing ones done!  Last on my "to do before the baby comes" list was finishing the roman shade for our bedroom.  It's done!  And I love how it turned out!  

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  1. I just found you by clicking over from Renee's blog. Congratulations on your new arrival! I have four boys, and it is such a wonderful blessing. It's loud in our house, to be sure, but I can't imagine it any other way. :)

    This post made me smile because I can totally relate to it! Very shortly before our fourth son was born, I had Roman shades put up in my bedroom (you can take a peek at them here...they're at the bottom of this post on my old blog: I was so relieved when that was done. :)

    Your Roman shades look great! I really, really like them.

    I hope the adjustment to having a new baby is going well for all of you. May peace blanket your home tonight!