Friday, October 7, 2011

Slow down and enjoy life!

Enjoying life together this week!

I live in fast pace all the time it seems!   It's hard for me to sit still for very long, there's always something I know needs done.  I like to be productive, busy, to go, go, go!  There is always something to do around here, whether it's another diaper to change, a question to answer, dishes to wash, a sticky spill to wipe up, lawn to mow, bills to pay, oh, another diaper to change!     Some days I feel like I was working hard all day, but the house is still a mess, and laundry is still piled up!  what did I do?!  I guess this is life with 3 very high energy boys!!!  My boys are so good at making me just slow down and enjoy life!  I don't want to look at another diaper to change as just a job, but, a child to delight it, a life to serve and invest in, a sweet face to smile at, a life, a blessing from God!  My boys are such blessings!  
Brady has such enthusiasm for life! 

Good 'ol game of tackle each other!


Just try and knock me over Brady!  Clark is one tough 2 year old!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer is long gone and I'm back!

I love being out-side any chance I get during the summer, so I decided not to blog until Fall.  I also don't have much extra time on my hands, so now that's it's fall, I'm still having a hard time finding time to blog.  I love fall!  My favorite time of year!  but I love summer too, and it went way too fast!  I still can't believe it's over.  I really think time goes faster the more kids you have! 
Highlights from our summer...

                                                     Family vacation in Winthrop!

Lots of brother fun and craziness!

Micah worked lots of hours on our Grace Church remodel!

He did a great job!

Brady and Clark got to run in the track meets at Civic Field on Monday nights!

We had lots of fun at the Lynden Fair!

Lots of enjoying this little guy grow and change!  Davey has developed a fun personality!

Hiking men! 

"Clark, Clark, Happy as a lark!"

I'm so thankful for the adventure God has given me in following His lead every day!  It's fun to look back over a short season (summer 2011) and remember the good times as well as the challenges.  This season has been more challenging then I thought it would be! having three little ones who are so dependant upon me for everything! and Micah working a lot of hours so not around to help much.  But, once again, God has proven Himself so faithful! and just as He has been with me through the summer, He'll be with me through the fall!  and I'm looking forward to what's in store in this new season!  I hope some apple picking, leaf crunching, spiced cider, pumpkin carving,  fall candles burning, soup and home made bread, a new knitting project!  did I mention I love fall!  I'm getting excited already!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been awhile!!!

well, yes, it's been awhile since I've posted.  When I started this blog I had good intentions to blog regularly, but my life is very full!   Full of diapers, giggles,baby smiles, potty training, rocking sweet bundles, wiping noses, and not a lot of extra time to blog.  I'm thoroughly loving this season of motherhood!  It's a lot of work, and some times I think I'm loosing my brain, but it's so rewarding and they are such amazing blessings! 
We've had such a fun weekend together as a family!  I love it when Micah's home!  and so do the boys! 

Davey loves to be in his pack! 

I love the view of Mt. Baker from our back yard! 

My hard working husband!  There is lots of work to do at our house!

Enjoying my daffodils!

Brady helping Daddy build the fire

Happy Campers!  
Our first fire of the year!  Hot dogs roasted over the fire tasted especially good!

We bought some blueberry plants this week end! 

Clarkie enjoyed his smoothie!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Oh Lord You Never Let Go"

I Just over heard Brady singing his favorite worship song with his own addition.  "O, Lord, you never let go, through the storm and through the bad guy!"  He was sing this to himself over and over.
Brady learned this song from his aunt Becca when she led worship at church in Nebraska.  I'm not sure why this is his favorite song, I would never have chosen it as my favorite song, but it's neat to see my son developing his own preferences!  My brother Aaron led worship at church on Sunday, and we sang this song,  Brady was excited to sing along!
This morning around 4:00 Brady woke up calling for me.  Micah went up since I was nursing Daiven.  Brady was scared, Micah wasn't sure what it was about, but he let Drizzle sleep on his bed with him to help him not be scared.  Brady's bed is Drizzle's favorite place to sleep!  I'm now thinking Brady must have had a dream about a "bad guy" (and it was also very windy last night),  and imaging him singing himself back to sleep "O, Lord you never let go, through the storm and through the bad guy".  Thank you Becca and Aaron for helping Brady learn a song that reminds him God is with him. even when he's scared!  and "thank you Lord for holding my kids in your hands!"    
Davey is 5 weeks old today!!!  He's such a sweet baby!  I'm having so much fun having an infant again!  Last week he weighed 10lbs 4oz!  He's getting chubby! 

Daddy holding his littlest boy after work yesterday!

Look at all his hair!  I love it!  This was right after his bath, so it was nice and fluffy!

This picture is blurry, I know, I'm not a good photographer! but I wanted to show how strong Daiven is!  This is him lifting himself up!

I can't wait till he starts smiling for real!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boys and Books

I'm so thankful our boys love reading books!  I don't ever read to them enough, I'd rather be up doing things, and there is always so much to do!  A couple times a day I make myself sit down and read them a book or two.  It's special snuggle time, books teach them so much, and they love it.  Every time I sit down to nurse Davey, I'm reading either my Bible or a good book.  I'm really enjoying this discipline!   
Brady and Clark are wearing the hats I knit them for Christmas.  I need to make one for Davey so he can match too!
I found that setting books out on the stairs or other places in the house, encourages them to read.  I'll pick a few books off the shelve they haven't seen for a while and display them on the stairs.   
Brady is full of questions!  and stories!  Constantly!  He never stops talking.  I have to pray for patience!  
Even as I write, Brady is talking to me and Clark is on my lap, so if my words don't make sense, it's because I'm also having conversation with a 1 & 3 year old.  Earlier, Brady was asking when, where, and why we got our computer???  How funny to think that the first year + of our marriage we didn't have a computer!  I didn't have a cell phone either!  It wasn't until 4 years ago, we really started using a computer!  We use it for so many things now, crazy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Three Sons

Mr. Determined Intensity
(Great 3 yr old activity Brady has spent hours cutting paper)

Mr. Happy Ham Hubba Lubba
(Clark loves being silly and making us laugh)

Sweet little Davey
(can't wait to see his personality develop)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Life is really busy right now!  I learning to be ok with a messy house, and realizing that keeping diapers changed, bellies filled, and books read is more important than having all the dished washed or laundry put away.  The house is quite now, but I can't write for long.  Micah wants me to cut his hair, I should finish my bible study homework before tomorrow morning, and it will be time to nurse Davey again soon!
I wanted to share some of the photos Renee took at Daiven's birth!  She gave them to us on Sunday at church!  I'm so thankful to have the memories of his birth and newborn st age preserved through photos!

I can't believe Daiven is almost a month old!  I'll share more from his newborn photo shoot later