Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been awhile!!!

well, yes, it's been awhile since I've posted.  When I started this blog I had good intentions to blog regularly, but my life is very full!   Full of diapers, giggles,baby smiles, potty training, rocking sweet bundles, wiping noses, and not a lot of extra time to blog.  I'm thoroughly loving this season of motherhood!  It's a lot of work, and some times I think I'm loosing my brain, but it's so rewarding and they are such amazing blessings! 
We've had such a fun weekend together as a family!  I love it when Micah's home!  and so do the boys! 

Davey loves to be in his pack! 

I love the view of Mt. Baker from our back yard! 

My hard working husband!  There is lots of work to do at our house!

Enjoying my daffodils!

Brady helping Daddy build the fire

Happy Campers!  
Our first fire of the year!  Hot dogs roasted over the fire tasted especially good!

We bought some blueberry plants this week end! 

Clarkie enjoyed his smoothie!


  1. I love how much you enjoy your sweet family!! Thanks for sharing these fun pictures. :)

  2. sooo fun to see your cute little bunch in person last week! you are such a good (and busy!!!) mama <3!!!