Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Oh Lord You Never Let Go"

I Just over heard Brady singing his favorite worship song with his own addition.  "O, Lord, you never let go, through the storm and through the bad guy!"  He was sing this to himself over and over.
Brady learned this song from his aunt Becca when she led worship at church in Nebraska.  I'm not sure why this is his favorite song, I would never have chosen it as my favorite song, but it's neat to see my son developing his own preferences!  My brother Aaron led worship at church on Sunday, and we sang this song,  Brady was excited to sing along!
This morning around 4:00 Brady woke up calling for me.  Micah went up since I was nursing Daiven.  Brady was scared, Micah wasn't sure what it was about, but he let Drizzle sleep on his bed with him to help him not be scared.  Brady's bed is Drizzle's favorite place to sleep!  I'm now thinking Brady must have had a dream about a "bad guy" (and it was also very windy last night),  and imaging him singing himself back to sleep "O, Lord you never let go, through the storm and through the bad guy".  Thank you Becca and Aaron for helping Brady learn a song that reminds him God is with him. even when he's scared!  and "thank you Lord for holding my kids in your hands!"    
Davey is 5 weeks old today!!!  He's such a sweet baby!  I'm having so much fun having an infant again!  Last week he weighed 10lbs 4oz!  He's getting chubby! 

Daddy holding his littlest boy after work yesterday!

Look at all his hair!  I love it!  This was right after his bath, so it was nice and fluffy!

This picture is blurry, I know, I'm not a good photographer! but I wanted to show how strong Daiven is!  This is him lifting himself up!

I can't wait till he starts smiling for real!


  1. He is sooooooo cute! Can't wait to meet him in person! I'm having so much fun with Lindsey's hair too!

  2. His hair is amazing!! I love that fluffy just bathed hair :) So glad it sounds like life with three babies is treating you gives me hope :)

  3. Welcome to the world, newest little Johnson Man. We rejoice with you at Davey's arrival and God's loving care for all of you!
    Lani and Doug