Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boys and Books

I'm so thankful our boys love reading books!  I don't ever read to them enough, I'd rather be up doing things, and there is always so much to do!  A couple times a day I make myself sit down and read them a book or two.  It's special snuggle time, books teach them so much, and they love it.  Every time I sit down to nurse Davey, I'm reading either my Bible or a good book.  I'm really enjoying this discipline!   
Brady and Clark are wearing the hats I knit them for Christmas.  I need to make one for Davey so he can match too!
I found that setting books out on the stairs or other places in the house, encourages them to read.  I'll pick a few books off the shelve they haven't seen for a while and display them on the stairs.   
Brady is full of questions!  and stories!  Constantly!  He never stops talking.  I have to pray for patience!  
Even as I write, Brady is talking to me and Clark is on my lap, so if my words don't make sense, it's because I'm also having conversation with a 1 & 3 year old.  Earlier, Brady was asking when, where, and why we got our computer???  How funny to think that the first year + of our marriage we didn't have a computer!  I didn't have a cell phone either!  It wasn't until 4 years ago, we really started using a computer!  We use it for so many things now, crazy!

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