Thursday, February 3, 2011

I lost my camera for the day

I spent a lot of time today looking for my camera.  Our house is a mess and I should have been cleaning instead of searching for my camera, but Daiven is 2 weeks old today and was being so cute!  He was awake more today than any other day since his birth.  Well, it wasn't until almost 5:00 and still no camera, when I remembered Micah mentioning wanting to take pictures of the house he's been building.  I called Micah and the mystery of the missing camera was solved!  I missed some good shots of the boys, but Micah got pictures of the beautiful house he's building!

Micah is thankful God provided another job building houses.  Micah loves home building!  He says this house is a craftsman cottage style.  They're almost done siding it.

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